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Tonnes of
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AgWe Farmers will become the largest natural carbon sink in the world!

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Lets rebuild our environment and reverse climate change.


Farmers have the potential to become the world's largest carbon sink. Our aim is to get 74,075ha of farmland to increase their Soil Organic Carbon by 1% which will sink 1,000,000 tons of carbon from our atmosphere. That’s equivalent to 1,000,000 return trips from NY to Paris via plane. To do this and more we need everyone’s help.
Buy responsibly = support 🤝
Support farmers who are helping our environment by buying from the businesses they are supplying. You can find where to buy from these amazing farms by looking through their supply partners on their profiles.

Crack the code 📱
Look out for our QR codes on produce packaging and in select stores to learn about the farm your food has come from and how it was produced. We love to partner with amazing businesses that supply and support Australia’s best and most sustainable farms.

Cut the bull 🐄
“Sustainably Sourced” is one of the most common marketing terms for any business. Don’t be fooled, if they can’t give you any information on the farms they are sourcing from, chances are they are not sustainably sourcing their product.

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