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Vegan Farm

How To Become A Vegan Farm

AgWe farms are able to list themselves as a Vegan Farm if they do not farm any animals for the purpose of selling their meat or by-products.

Why Farm's Should List Themselves As Vegan

At AgWe, we want to help Vegan’s buy from farms that have the same values as them and this is what this AgWe award is all about.

The vegan diet is when you eat only plant-based foods and do not eat/use animal produce or by-products. Veganism has been growing in Australia and around the world as people become more aware of their own environmental impact, animal welfare issues in farming and personal health benefits from diet.

Currently, Vegans are inadvertently supporting the livestock industry by not knowing where their food has come from. If a farm’s produce mix is 20% carrots and 80% beef, by buying the carrots from that farm you would be inadvertently supporting the livestock industry.

By labelling farm’s produce as having come from a Vegan Farm, we can enable vegans to make a more informed choice. This award will therefore assist in marketing your farm to a target audience and make your farms produce a premium product for vegans.

Vegan Farm Vs Vegan Products

According to the ACCC, food descriptor guidelines state that Vegan labelled produce must “not being made from, or perhaps not even coming into contact with any animal produce, animal by-product or derivative of animal produce.”

As shown with our farm example before, this does not exclude that farms carrots from being labelled as “Vegan”. Therefore, vegan produce coming from a AgWe certified Vegan Farm is the most premium vegan produce customers can buy because they can be assured their food purchases do not support the livestock industry.