Grass- Fed Verification

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Stable Isotope Analysis

How it helps people

We have developed Australia's first science-backed approach to verifying Grass-Fed meat!  

Customers gain the certainty they need when buying your independently verified Grass-Fed meat.
Gains the trust of customers
Builds on your brands integrity
Improves supply chain transparency

Partnered with the best

We are partnering with the best in the businesses to help them verify their meat is Verified Grass-Fed.

The Process

Three easy steps

Collect the sample


From a butcher near you.

Test the meat


We do a stable isotope analysis at a leading Australian University

Get the results


You receive full report on your meat verifying your claim of Grass-Fed Beef

Why this just works

Based on reliable science

Using the gold standard, Stable Isotopic Analysis, we can determine the diet of the animal.
Read about our new article explaining all the science and benefits ->

It’s fast, easy and simple

No Audits
No record keeping
More accurate results
Find out how you can get started here ->

Everything you need to grow your brand

AgWe is the only comprehensive platform for farmers trying to build their brand.

Digital profile

Every AgWe farmer gets a free digital profile to tell their story.


Get your most sustainable and marketable farming practices independently verified.

Marketing support

Track your progress and grow your subscribers with AgWe's marketing material and support.

Included with every verification

Grass-Fed verifications starting from $499
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