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Vegetarian Farm

How To Become A Vegetarian Farm

AgWe farms will be able to list themselves as a Vegetarian Farm if they do not farm any animals for the purpose of selling their meat for profit. They can still sell animal by-products like milk, eggs, honey, and manure.

Why Farm's Should List Themselves As Vegetarian

At AgWe, we want to help Vegetarians buy from farms that have the same values as them and this is what this AgWe award is all about.

The Vegetarian diet is when people do not eat any meat, poultry, or seafood. People choose to become a vegetarian for a wide range of reasons like to improve their personal health, to reduce their environmental impactor because they do not want to support the commercial slaughter of farm animals.

However, since it is difficult for consumers to know exactly where their food has come from, they can sometimes be inadvertently supporting the livestock industry.

A farm may produce 10% carrots, 10% eggs, 20% chicken meat and 60% beef, and just by purchasing their carrots the consumer is unwittingly supporting a farm which is profiting from the commercial slaughter of their farm animals.

By labelling farm’s produce as having come from a Vegetarian Farm, we can enable vegetarians to make a more informed choice. This award gives farmers who do not sell any animal meat the opportunity to market their produce to a target customer.

The Difference Between Vegetarian Farm And Vegetarian Products

According to research conducted by Roy Morgan about 2.5million Australians are now on Vegetarian or mostly vegetarian diets. In addition, almost all restaurants offer vegetarian options to cater to this growing group.

As shown with our farmer example above, vegetarians who are vegetarians because of animal welfare issues in farming, cannot easily support farmers who don’t sell animal meat, poultry or seafood.

Therefore, labelling your farm as a Vegetarian Farm can help you connect with these customers and position your farms produce as a premium product among other vegetarian labelled produce.