What we do

AgWe helps farms create a digital presence, promote their most sustainable farming practices, and get recognised and rewarded for their environmental work.

Using QR codes, we connect farmers with their customers and enable businesses to sustainably source their food and raw material from Australia’s best regenerative, holistic, natural, and sustainable farms.

Our tailored approach

At AgWe we see every farm as their own business and as such our approach and solution for each farm is different.

Our team of experts will consult our farms on any marketing material they need to get their brand in front of their customers and will help design and print business cards, QR code produce stickers, certification posters and more.

Supporting sustainable farming

Farming has a tremendous effect on our environment, they manage our soil which is the world’s largest natural carbon sink and can create amazing environments that balances yields with natural plant, animal and microbial diversity.

AgWe’s badges' helps showcase each farms journey to creating the perfect balance between maintaining the natural world and feeding the planets growing population in a lasting way.

Our story

We are a team of self-described farming enthusiasts. The founders Mike and Will originated in the city but have worked, studied, and lived in regional towns and on farms, we are passionate about the agricultural industry.

Seeing firsthand farmers turn dirt fields into picturesque environments whilst still producing high quality, nutrient dense food blew us away and we knew these stories had to be told. We often find what seems mundane to farmers, truly inspires us and often urban consumers are completely unaware of the amazing work that goes into producing their food and raw materials.

Meet the founders

Will Marks


In late 2018, my life changed when I discovered Regenerative Farming. After studying Agricultural Economics at USYD and then being involved in the agricultural industry for 7 years working as an Agribusiness Banker and a farmhand in regional areas around NSW, I started to feel like farmers were facing a climate challenge they couldn’t overcome. Helping farmers borrow money just to push their problems one year down the line wasn’t what I’d imagined myself doing.

Inspired by the stories of farmers and seeing the way that Mike was portraying their stories through visual media when we first met, the cogs started turning. Today I feel empowered by AgWe to support farmers on their journey to becoming more sustainable and successful, simply by knowing more about the farm I am buying from and showcasing their stories to empower others to support them too.

Mike Boudreaux


I’ve been chasing a dream all my life, where I can make a difference. I didn’t realise when I met Will in Moree, that we would connect and end up starting this business together. I started my career as a Filmmaker in the Agricultural industry, telling the stories of farmers. Stories of passion, growing legacies and the power of family to endure the continuous hardships. The admiration I felt knowing that farmers never give up and understanding that the land becomes a part of their family’s heritage, legacy, and story.

After returning to Queensland, I extended my experience and skills in digital marketing. A timely reconnection from Will and shortly after AgWe was ignited. Our company tells your true sustainable journey, right from when you start with us, all the way through to your children's children and beyond.