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Promote your farm's brand when it counts. Sell the story of your wool by attaching our tags to your wool's auction boxes.
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4 steps to getting your customised marketing material

Differentiate your farm's produce with AgWe. We will make the experience of converting your farm's story into an online brand enjoyable, quick, and easy.

Create your profile

Sign up, and create your FREE farm's online profile in 10 minutes.

Choose your package

Choose the package and level of verification you want with your profile.

Order marketing material

Order your farm's personalised marketing material with QR codes linking to your profile.

Grow your brand

Bring your farm's unique story to life + grow your subscribers.

Make money by improving your wool's traceability

We tip the scales in your favour by helping wool buyer connect with your farm. Based off their feedback, we make sure your profile has the information they need.

  1. Beat the appraisal
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Grow your reach

Track your scans at the wool sales


Wool buyers can contact you directly at the sale through your QR code

Social links

Link your socials and website so customers can find out more.


We do not list your contact details to reduce spam.

Connect with your buyers and track your scans

AgWe's wool tags attach to your wool box at Auction allowing buyers to scan in, review your farm and buy the best wool for their clients. AgWe's profiles are specially designed give your customers a summary of your business in one simple online page. With AgWe, you can effectively communicate your farm's unique story to buyers and receive the recognition and value you deserve.

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Farmer Reviews: The impact we're making

Take your farms brand to the next level with our specialised support

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Do I have to create a profile before buying the marketing material?


This isn't a Facebook page, we are building trust with customers and all farm's need to create a profile and be approved before purchasing the marketing material.

How long does it take for a farm to get its profile live?

You can create a FREE profile in 10 minutes and be approved within 24 hours.

You can then upgrade your plan at a future date.

My farm doesn’t have any online presence or brand at the moment…can I still join?

Yes, we encourage you to join and would love to help you get started.

Our goal is to build a community of farmers, businesses mentors and advisors that you can use to help you grow your farm’s brand and help you become more profitable.

What premium can I get for my produce after joining AgWe?

We have had farmers get a 15% premium for their produce after joining AgWe and implementing our marketing material.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will get a set premium for your produce.

Our long-term focus is on building your individual farm brands around your farm's sustainable journey and sharing that with your customers.

How do I get a video made by AgWe and what does it cost?

We can create high-quality marketing videos for AgWe farms wanting to tell their story in the most engaging way.

If you are interested in having a video produced for your farm, please don't hesitate to enquire and we will send you a quote.

Are their any obligations for farmers?

No, our goal is to provide your farm with new opportunities and support. If you feel they are not for you, you do not have to accept them and can cancel anytime.