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New Product! Introducing AgWe's Grass-Fed Verification

September 15, 2023

AgWe is launching a Grass-Fed Verification. In this article we explain its significance, how it works, and the remarkable benefits it brings to beef producers. We also showcase how stable isotope analysis plays a pivotal role in this game-changing product thanks to our partnership with ISOfoodtrace.

Hey there, farmers, foodies and agriculture enthusiasts! We're excited to share some game-changing news with you today. AgWe is proud to announce our groundbreaking new product: the AgWe Grass-Fed Verification. We’d like to dive into what this innovative offering is all about, how it works, and the incredible benefits it brings to the table for farmers and consumers.

What is AgWe's Grass-Fed Verification?

AgWe's Grass-Fed Verification is a cutting-edge solution that leverages stable isotope analysis, made possible through our partnership with ISOfoodtrace. This revolutionary technology allows us to accurately determine whether the cattle have been grass-fed or grain-fed, providing you with a reliable and objective way to verify the farm's claim of producing premium grass-fed beef.

Understanding the Verification Process

Our verification process is both scientific and straight forward. By taking samples from any part of the cattle, we analyze the ratios of carbon and nitrogen isotopes present in the beef. These ratios serve as a fingerprint, distinguishing between grass-fed and grain-fed diets. For instance, C3 plants, which include most grasses, display a lighter C isotopic composition, while C4 plants, including certain grasses and grains, exhibit a heavier C isotopic signature. Consequently, grass-fed beef typically exhibits lower 13C and 15N values compared to grain-fed beef. The result? An independently verified status of Grass Fed for your beef.

The Benefits of Trust and Transparency

By moving away from the traditional on farm verification and using this scientific approach we have some unlocked some incredible benefits that we will bring to farms around Australia:

  1. Scientific Rigor: Our stable isotope analysis method provides a reliable and objective way to verify the diet of cattle, ensuring your claims are accurate. As we gather more samples this way of testing will only become better over time.
  2. Trust and Credibility: Customers seek transparency and assurance when purchasing meat. With our verification, you gain their trust, positioning your farm as a provider of premium, high-quality, sustainably produced beef.
  3. Premium Prices: Grass Fed beef commands higher prices in the market, increasing profitability for farmers.
  4. Convenience: Say goodbye to costly and disruptive on-site audits. Our remote analysis process is hassle-free, quick and cost-effective solution.
  5. Competitive Edge: In a crowded market, being Grass-Fed verified by AgWe sets your beef apart, attracting more customers and helping to build your farm's independent brand.

Our Partnership with ISOfoodtrace

We couldn't have achieved this groundbreaking solution without the expertise and collaboration of ISOfoodtrace. Their stable isotope analysis technology has opened new doors in beef verification, revolutionizing the way we ensure the quality and authenticity of your beef.

We are really excited to launch our new Grass-Fed Verification and believe this is a game-changer for beef producers. It's a scientific, convenient, and reliable way to help farmers verify their claims of Grass Fed beef.

As this develops, stay tuned for more updates and insights from AgWe as we continue to help farmers develop their brand!

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