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QR code tags that go on your wool box at auction.

We develop your online brand that tells your authentic story to buyers at the auction.

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We turn your farm's story into an online brand!

We help transform your farm’s story and into an online brand that adds value to your customers.

With AgWe, you can create a detailed profile that includes high-quality pictures of the farm, a bio that tells the story of the farm, its history and how the wool has been produced, and a list of all the different produce you sell.

In addition to creating a farm profile, AgWe also provides backlinks to the farm's social media and website, making it easier for your customers to connect with your farm instantly and even right from the auction floor!

AgWe's Farm Profiles

A better way to connect

Within 5 seconds buyers can be looking at your farm and learning why they should buy from you.

With all the information they need at their figure tips, wool buyers can scan and see your farm's story and learn about your brand. It's a great opportunity to add value to the sale of your wool without you being there.

Now, the story of your wool can be shared far beyond the auction doors.

Melrose Park

Hear how it will benefit your business from one of our wool farmers.

How It Works

We will make the experience of converting your farm's story into an online brand enjoyable, quick, and easy.

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We create your own AgWe QR code wool tag for approved use at the auction.


We will organise to have them attached to your wool box when your wool is at auction.

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Community testimonials 📢

Petersen's Farm
Woolooga, QLD
"A way to show your customers, where your food comes from and customers can trace that food back to the farm. Being apart of the AgWe family is invaluable."
Baupal Park Farm
Gympie, QLD
"Since using their bespoke QR coding on our value add products we have seen increased sales and reviews of website and facebook pages. The farm promotional video was outstanding and created much digital traffic for enhancing the farm."
Melrose Park
Wirrate, VIC
"AgWe helps tell your farms story in a digestible and concise way to consumers on an easy accessible platform right in the palm of your hands - the mobile."

Essentials Profile

It is our DIY profile that includes all the basics you need to start building your online brand.
Free Profile
  • Maximum 6 Profile Photos
  • Story Telling Biography
  • List your Top 5 Supply Partner
  • List all your Produce and Fibres
  • Backlinks to Facebook, Instagram and Website (If available)
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What is included in the soil test?

We do a comprehensive soil test that can be used by your agronomist or advisors. The test includes.

Soil texture, Organic Carbon, Available Phosphorus, pH, Total Nitrogen, Exchangeable Cations, and a handful of other plant available micronutrients in the soil.

How long does it take for a farm to get its profile live?

For our Premium Package members, you can your profile will be live approximately 30 days after we have had our on-farm visit.

For our Essential Package members, turnaround times are currently 1 week granted we have received all the information we need to create the profile.

My farm doesn’t have any online presence or brand at the moment…can I still join?

Yes, we encourage you to join and would love to help you get started.

Our goal is to build a community of farmers, businesses mentors and advisors that you can use to help you grow your farm’s brand and help you become more profitable.

What premium can I get for my produce after joining AgWe?

We have had farmers get a 15% premium for their produce after joining AgWe and implementing our marketing material.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will get a set premium for your produce.

Our long-term focus is on building your individual farm brands around your farm's sustainable journey and sharing that with your customers.

How do I get a video made by AgWe and what does it cost?

We can create high-quality marketing videos for AgWe farms wanting to tell their story in the most engaging way.

If you are interested in having a video produced for your farm, please don't hesitate to enquire and we will send you a quote.

Are their any obligations for farmers?

No, our goal is to provide your farm with new opportunities and support. If you feel they are not for you, you do not have to accept them and can cancel anytime.