AgWe ® Achievements

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO Free

Achievement Requirement

To attain the GMO Free achievement, farms must have not used any GMO’s on their farm for the previous 12 months.


Genetically modified foods are defined as a food that has noval DNA and novel protein as a result from gene technology which is different from the food not using gene technology. So, when plants or animals breed it must be the natural way and not in a lab. In saying that farmers have been genetically modify food through selective breeding for centuries. Now we use technology to speed up that process.

Environmental Impact

Farmers genetically modify food for better taste, yield, and resistance to pest/disease. We use technology to speed up this process and it can help combat new diseases, insects, pests, improve the plants resistance to drought and the changing environment. Although GMO’s are regulated and have many benefits, regularly requiring GMO plants can indicate that there is a problem with the farms ecological balance or environment.

Benefits AgWe Farmers

By supporting farmers who are GMO Free, you are supporting natural breeding and evolution. Similarly, sustainable farmers should require GMO’s because they will focus on growing what can grow on their property not trying to force something that doesn’t grow there naturally.