AgWe ® Achievements


Off Grid

Achievement Requirement

To attain the Off Grid achievement, a farm must produce all their own electricity from renewable energy sources on their farm.


Electricity is essential in modern Agriculture because it is the power farmers use to light their homes and sheds, operate their milking, sheering, and other machinery. These innovations have significantly helped farmers increase their productivity to help feed our growing population. As faming equipment like tractors, cars, and other heavy machinery start using electric motors, we want farmer to start sourcing and investing in these renewable machineries as fast as possible.  

Environmental Impact

Uptake in new technology is typically slower in Agriculture than in other fields for a variety of reasons, like high upfront costs, available cash, and the agricultural industry is known for being slower to adopting new technology. None of these issues are insurmountable and with some more innovation to reduce the costs and incentives for farmers to make the switch we can solve this issue.

Benefits: AgWe Farmers

AgWe measures each farmers electricity usage and sources so farmers can show off their movement to renewable energy from non-renewable sources year on year. By supporting farmers who chose to invest in electric machinery and renewable energy we can help reduce the greenhouse gas impact of the agricultural industry.