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Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

How To Become A Renewable Fuels Farm

To attain the Renewable Fuels achievement farmers must stop using diesel, petrol and gas on their farm and switch to renewable fuels like electrical or hydrogen.


AgWe defines fuel as non-renewable material like petrol, diesel and gas that is burnt to produce heat or power. Like in all industries, technological progress has helped significantly improve productivity on farms which enables us to feed more people.

Why Farm's Are Transitioning to Renewable Fuels

The production of petrol, gas and diesel is a major contributor to the worlds increase in greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere. Farming requires the use of lots of different machinery which typically uses petrol, diesel, or gas as its fuel source. Australian Institute did a survey in 2019 and found that 81% of people aged between 18 – 34 were worried about climate change. Farmers can make a significant difference in the fight against climate change and there is no shortage of people who want to support that change. By farmers showing year on year improvements in their fuel usage by investing in new equipment and renewable energies, they can tap into this market.

Supporting Farmers Transition to Renewable Fuels

This achievement will most likely be one of the hardest and most expensive achievements for an AgWe farmer to obtain, but it shows real progress across the whole agricultural industry. So, benefit by showcasing your farm’s movement towards renewable fuels and don’t let that investment go to waste.