AgWe ® Achievements


Energy Achievements

Collect each energy Achievement to promote your farm's most sustainable farming practices and focus on reducing your farms carbon footprint.

Off Grid: Is about using less power from the grid and using renewable energies on your farm.

Carbon Negative: Is about the fuels you use on the farm and moving to electric machinery.

Farming's impact on carbon emission

The Energy level looks at the farms non-renewable sources of energy for their electricity and fuels used in the operation of their farm. Agriculture is responsible for the world’s food, clothes, and even medicine production but it has come at a cost to our environment. AgWe’s energy level actually has the smallest impact on solving carbon emissions as human emissions only contribute about 9 gigatons of carbon each year total. Compare that to the 2,300 gigatons of carbon stored in our soils or 550 gigatons stored in our plant biomass and 800 gigatons in our atmosphere, desertification from poor farm management poses a greater threat. According to Bill Gate’s “Climate Change and the 75% problem” agriculture is responsible for 24% of the worlds greenhouse gas emission which includes cattle’s methane emissions, deforestation, and land clearing. The Australian Department of Environment and Energy released its March 2019 quarterly update saying agriculture contributed to 12.7% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions which includes emission like methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. There lots of different measurements you can use to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions produced in agriculture however the most important part is that we continue to reduce them.

Supporting Renewable Farmers

Farmers need more support, whether it is innovation into more renewable farming machinery or customers buying from farmers who invest in upgrading their old machinery or moving to solar power they need your support. Farmers must become early adopters of renewable technologies as they become available so that they can reduce their impact on our environment. Agriculture with renewable technology is the future of farming for farming. Customers can then choose to buy from farmers who have high AgWe energy scores or from farms that are simply improving. To achieve the full energy level circle, farmers must source all their energy from renewable sources.