AgWe ® Achievements


Soil Achievements

Collect each soil Achievement to promote your farm's most sustainable farming practices and focus on improving your soil health.

The Carbon Capture: Is about improving your farms Soil Organic Carbon.

Natural Water Sources: Is about pumping less water from bores and local waterways.

The Sponge: Is about improving your soil’s water infiltration rate.

Natural pH: Is a challenge to maintain a balanced soil pH without using pH neutralisers.

No Till: Is the challenge to use alternative farming practices to tilling.

What is Soil?

Soil is produced from the weathering of rocks over time and plays host to many forms of life. In fact, it is one of the oldest and most complex ecosystems on the planet. One teaspoon of soil contains several thousand species of microorganisms that help produce the nutrients in soil required for healthy plants. Not to mention the worms, mites and other animals calling the soil home. These living ecosystems help break down the nutrients in the soil which plants use for growth and the rest of us use for food.

Why is Soil Health so important?

Soil health can play a key role in the world’s fight against famine, global warming, droughts, flooding and improve the carbon cycle. Some farmers use innovative farming practices to protect and improve their soil while others might remove nutrients from the soil for short terms profits. When AgWe farmers undergo their yearly soil assessment, they provide a transparent view of their soil management which allows customers to make more informed choices. For our soil accreditation, AgWe will measure each farm’s soil organic carbon content, water infiltration rate, water sources, tilling status and use of pH neutralisers.