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Boosting Soil Health: Showcasing Your Sustainable Farming Practices By Collecting AgWe's Soil Achievements

January 24, 2023

This article highlights the importance of soil health in sustainable farming practices and the various soil achievements that farmers can aim for, such as increasing soil organic carbon content, reducing water pumped from bores, and improving soil's water infiltration rate. It also emphasizes the role of soil health in fighting against global warming and AgWe is discussed as a platform that measures and provide transparent view of a farm's soil management for customers to make more informed choices.

AgWe's Soil Achievements

As a farmer, it's important to focus on implementing more sustainable farming practices that improve the health of your soil. One way to do this is by achieving various soil achievements, such as:

The Carbon Capture

This achievement is about increasing the amount of organic carbon in your soil.

Natural Water Sources

This achievement focuses on reducing the amount of water you pump from bores and local waterways

The Sponge

This achievement is about improving your soil's ability to absorb water.

Natural pH

This achievement challenges you to maintain a balanced soil pH without using pH neutralizers.


This achievement challenges you to use alternative farming practices instead of traditional tilling methods.

Why is soil health important?

Soil is a complex ecosystem that needs to be nurtured and is produced over time. It is home to many forms of life, including microorganisms, worms, mites, and other animals. These living organisms help break down the nutrients in the soil that plants need for growth. By improving the health of your soil, you can help fight against famine, global warming, droughts, and flooding, and improve the carbon cycle.

At AgWe, we understand the importance of soil health. That's why we measure each farm's soil organic carbon content, water infiltration rate, water sources, tilling status, and use of pH neutralizers. This allows customers to make more informed choices about the products they purchase.

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