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Jimboomba, Queensland


“If we can help our daughter, we want to help other families who are working through similar situations - that is how we have grown our business.” Said Natasha.

Bee All Natural is a Boutique Apiary Bee Farm located in the South-West part of Logan City on the outskirts of Jimboomba, Scenic Rim Beaudesert, very close to Undullah in Queensland.

When you see the brand ‘Bee All Natural’ you are instantly taken in by the farmers and owners Jason, Natasha, and their miracle child Miranda who became the catalyst for the creation of Bee All Natural when she was diagnosed with chronic eczema.‍

“I was working FIFO at the time doing a 4/1 swing and it was left up to Tash to put the steroid creams and topical ointments on Miranda’s skin. It was very emotional to see your daughter scream her head off. I would come home for that week and just want to cuddle her and shower her with love. But that week I was home, I would be putting that ointment on and we were having to put it on 3 to 4 times per day and it was heartbreaking” Said Jason.

They were told by some industry experts about Manuka honey and its benefits as a topical ointment.‍‍

“So we went and bought this small jar of manuka honey and just about fell over by the price of it… We went and plastered it on Miranda and well… that was interesting.” Said Jason.

That was going to be an expensive, and not to mention sticky, option to cure Miranda’s skin. Jason and Natasha got to work researching and discovered that raw honey is just as beneficial for medicinal purposes as Manuka.‍

“When I was away working I was researching, I was reading, I was looking up videos and everything to do with bees. What is Manuka and where does honey come from? I had all this education in my head and so I came home and said to the family…we are going to buy a beehive!” Said Jason.

Using the raw honey as a base to mix with natural organic butters and oils, it took about 7 months for Jason and Natasha’s experiments to finally reach the right percentages and optimal texture. At last, they had perfected one particular formula, testing it on themselves first and then Miranda, and… it worked. Over a period of time, Miranda was looking so much better, her skin had improved and her overall wellness. The community got behind them and before you knew it, people were lining up to try and test the formula on their family members experiencing the same frustrations. Now the family wants to help all families experiencing similar situations.‍

“It’s our family bringing nutritious and all-natural products to you. We want to share that with other families and we are genuine about that. We genuinely care about families and their well-being” Said Natasha‍


Unlike other conventional honey producers, Bee All Natural prepares the honey in a way that keeps living organisms alive.‍

“We will harvest, extract, strain, and bottle - that’s our process. We do not apply temperature to any part of the process because if you do that you destroy any health benefits the honey has!” Said, Jason.

Bee All Natural also believes that taking care of the bees and their environment is another essential part of producing the best honey.‍


“We play a huge role to make sure we can support the ecosystem around the bees.” Said Jason.

Jason and Natasha make sure their bees are in a low-stress environment, in a location far away from sprays and pesticide use, and back on to national parks. To achieve this, new Apiary sites have been introduced to their operation with careful planning.‍‍

“When we pick a site for our bees, we don’t just pop them down and say, Oh this looks great! We sit there and monitor for 6 months of the season to make sure they have food and water sources and they’re safe from weather and other environmental factors.” Said Natasha.

As well as their famous body balm for soothing Eczema and dry skin, Bee All Natural produces raw and infused honey, 14 varieties of cream honey, a cosmetic range, and even home goods. They have also gained a cult following for their range of chilli-infused honey aptly named ‘3 Stings’ - Dare to try? If you would like a hands-on customer experience and teach your children more about bees, you can visit their local ‘on-farm’ Bee Shop by appointment or during local events that happen in the area.‍

“Our whole purpose is to serve you and teach you about bees, to help strengthen our Apiary industry so we have bees for our legacy as well… it's not just for us but for our children and their children and people need to know how important bees are for our ecosystem and our food security” Said Natasha.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to Jason and Natasha you can send them a direct message above on their profile. Also, follow their journey on their socials!  ‍

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