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Big Heart Bamboo Farm

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Belli Park, QLD

Big Heart Bamboo believe that localised, healthy eating coupled with a contemporary, dynamic lifestyle is the key to living well in a sustainable environment.
Becky from Big Heart Bamboo is grateful to be making produce and products available to the local and extended community and to be incorporating the ingredients of other local producers who share a passion for clean, sustainable growing practices.

Priding themselves on delivering high quality edible bamboo shoot products. Using no sprays or synthetic chemicals and bolster the nutritional quality of their shoots by using organic soil inputs that are high in mineral content and healthy biota. This is done in a bid to maintain optimum soil health and quality, which allows for a more nutrient dense, superior shoot.

Big Heart Bamboo was founded in 2014 after extensive research into the health benefits of edible bamboo shoot and concomitant environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration, high oxygen output and soil erosion mitigation.

The Big Heart Bamboo plantations are nestled into the foothills of the Mapleton National Park ranges amongst native Australian tree species and well-established populations of native wildlife. Fauna surveys have shown the property to be home for many native species of frogs, mammals and birds, some of which are endangered or near-threatened. Big Heart Bamboo is part of a 100 acre bamboo plantation that is the home of Bamboo Australia, which was founded by Becca’s father, Durnford Dart, in 1989. To date it is one of, if not the largest established bamboo plantations in Australia and forms part of the Belli Bamboo Parkland, which is a 10 minute drive the historic township of Eumundi in the hinterland of Queensland’s glorious Sunshine Coast.

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