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Jembaicumbene, New South Wales

Suz and Trent bought their farm in 2018 with the idea of finding their family hideaway. Suz said; “We wanted to find a blank slate that we could improve upon.”‍Coming from the outskirts of Sydney with their two kids, Suz and Trent’s mission was to find out how they could produce as ethically as possible but also without degrading the land. ‍Today they have already planted over 600 stems on their farm with the goal of growing another 1000 and have fenced off their riparian zones so their animals can’t walk down and damage their waterways.‍When they bought the property in 2018 it had one large fence around the border and the land had been slowly degrading from years of set stocking. Branch and Burrow use holistic grazing to improve their plant diversity and soil health. Year-round, they ensure they keep enough ground cover to reduce erosion and maximise the absorption of rain events. This makes their farm more resilient and helps to capture carbon from our atmosphere.‍Their chickens are grown in a stress-free environment where they can graze on diverse pastures and are moved up twice a day to new ground. Their sheep are also raised on diverse pastures, moving every few days onto new pastures, and are handled with respect and low stress handling techniques.‍Suz was a vegetarian, this was a personal preference because she felt it was difficult to trace if meat was being produced ethically. When Branch and Burrow was established, both Trent and Suz sourced a way through the supply chain to ethically produce and stay aligned with their values, and they are proud to say they are! From the production of the feed, to the welfare of their animals living off the land, to the 8-hour round trip to an ethical small-scale processor. There are no chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics used to enhance or preserve. We asked if the chickens were dunked in chlorine baths which is a common practice in the industry at the processing stage, however, their small processor uses a UV light to treat the water, so it maintains the highest quality ready for distribution. You can’t get any better than that! ‍You can buy lamb and chicken from Branch and Burrow by visiting their website, subscribing to their email list or messaging us through AgWe.‍

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