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Cowra, New South Wales

“We are farming in harmony with nature, reaping the rewards for both our livestock and ecosystem’. ~ Khristel Gauci – Company Director“To put this quote into perspective, we have continued to adapt to the changing climate by strengthening our holistic farming approach which in hand aids the health of our ‘whole farm system’” ~ Khristel Gauci Darly Pastoral Company Pty Ltd is a family-operated farming enterprise located West of Cowra NSW - approx. 4 hours from Sydney. Matthew and Khristel, the husband and wife team, have been operating as primary producers since 2016. They run Dorper and Suffolk sheep for both commercial and stud markets. As of 2022 they currently run over 400 head of sheep on 480 acres. This number of sheep is only set to increase as their business operations continue to grow.  Matthew and Khristel have a profound awareness of protecting the future of their farming land and are committed to regenerative soil and grazing management. Their approach to protecting the land is simple “We manage our sheep grazing patterns through rotational cell grazing over short periods of time and not returning to those cells until they have regenerated” stated Khristel Gauci. This simple yet extraordinary technique has proven to increase soil carbon and organic matter on their land.  “It is all about the meat” Khristel Gauci stated. This saying is precisely why Matthew and Khristel decided to become Primary Producers, both being passionate about good quality and sustainable meat. The Dorper and the Suffolk breed are both extremely delicious types of meat. “The Dorper is a leaner meat with fat mainly around the outer carcass making it a healthier choice of lamb, whereas Suffolk has more marbling giving it a delicious flavour which has made it an extremely popular meat for both butchers and restaurants.” Khristel Gauci stated.    To contact Darly Pastoral Company Pty Ltd about their livestock you can now send your enquiries through our web platform! ‍

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