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Meroo, New South Wales

George is a pioneer when it comes to holistic farm management in Australia. Starting his journey into holistic management in 2002, George felt like there was more to farming than our English Ancestor’s introduced back in 1788. Instead of clearing his land and leaving his sheep in a paddock to feed on a single crop, he carefully moved them around his property to help fertilize his land, carry new seeds around his farm and maintain steady grass growth. After 8 years of following his instincts and seeing his farm improve, he found Allen Savory who had been studying what George had been doing naturally and everything began to click. Since then he has refined his farming practices, implementing cell grazing techniques and learning from our aboriginal ancestors and early documents detailing what Australia’s native systems use to be. Challenging the farming norms is still very taboo in his area but George says his farm is more drought resistant, he does not need to buy hay because there is so much food on his property and his sheep get to live a more natural and happy life. He was recognized as an exceptional farmer in 2016 when he won the Delicious State Producer of the year award. When buying your lamb or wool from George’s Farm, you can be assured that not only his sheep, but his land is being carefully looked after. P.S his farm is so inviting that he now has a problem with wombats and other native animals taking up residency on his farm. What a great problem to have!‍‍

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