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Jugiong, New South Wales

Julie is a truly inspiring farmer. A mother of 6 and the owner and operator of her own beautiful 202ha cattle farm, you will not find another like her. Being one of very few women who own and operate their own farm in Australia is a daunting task, add to that being a forward-thinking holistic manager challenging the way most of your neighbours have been farming for years and that is who Julie is. Originally a city girl who moved to the country for love, Julie found herself 7 years ago starting all over again, this time on her own property and under her own management. Julie said her natural instinct was to look after her land and make sure she wasn’t overgrazing areas of her farm but even after 23 years in the farming industry she had never heard of or been taught regenerative farming. In 2019 that all changed when she went to a local holistic management course run by Brian Wehlburg from Inside Outside Management in Cootamundra. After learning the basics of sustainable farming she is now focused on improving her soil quality, boosting biodiversity and making sure her cattle are well looked after.Julie has also completed training in Stress Free Stock Handling. This was clear to us as the cattle happily followed us around the farm! Julie introduces herself to her cattle when they are young so they can get familiar with her and the day to day operations of the farm. This makes them more relaxed and that means you get a better product and a happy farmer. Buying your meat from Hollycott Farm supports Julie in her quest to make her farm more sustainable, capture carbon and make the best place possible for her cattle and the other life on her farm.‍

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