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Wirrate, Victoria

Charlie is a sixth generation wool grower and manages the family property 'Melrose Park' located in Northern Victoria. Producing some of the finest Merino wool, sent right across the globe and ending up in soft, breathable next to skin garments, the Heal family places animal welfare and environmental credentials in the highest regard.A regenerative approach to land management is vital in providing a balanced ecosystem that the Merino thrives in, grazing on native perennial pastures and sharing an adjacent national park, native ecosystems flourish and provide the perfect environment for native flora, fauna and the humble merino to coexist.A holistic approach to grazing management ensures every plant on the property gets enough time to recover after it is grazed, providing the right conditions for perennial native species to thrive ensuring that the rest of the ecosystem can rely on them too when they require.Animal welfare is paramount at Melrose Park, having ceased mulesing on the property, young animals are given the best start to their life here on the farm, low stress stock handling is also implemented, taking great care in gently working with the animal during times of shearing and other animal husbandry. All living things thrive when the pressure is taken off and growing a natural fibre such as Merino wool is no exception. In creating a balanced ecosystem here at Melrose Park we hope to foster a stress free environment for all creatures both great and small.‍

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