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Ropeley, Queensland

“We want to preserve the land that mother nature provided to us in harmony with nature and live by the principles our ancestors led for us, for the common good of our land.” ~ Doug When you enter Native Oz Bushfoods you feel a sense of pride, a welcoming, warm friendly presence. Situated in the Ropeley valley in QLD on the highest ridge Doug and Tracey have spent their days regenerating their land. Doug is a proud Aboriginal man from the mighty Bundjalung Nation of South East QLD and Northern NSW.  When they purchased the property back in 2009 it was a barren country with 20 head of Angus cattle and a handful of Poll Dorset sheep. As the years went by the drought hit the area hard and Doug and Tracey needed a new way of farming. They decided to sell off their animals and let the soil settle for two years. This was a pivotal moment as the soil rejuvenated. In the background some interesting insights were forming and at a family BBQ, Doug had decided to make his homemade salt rub on the meat they were preparing for the night. As family and friends gathered they were inspired by his flavours and asked why he wasn’t selling this to market. A step forward in the right direction as Native Oz Bushfoods was born! Native plants and trees are now grown all over their land, providing traditional nutritious supplements for the soil. 400 new plants from 40 different varieties, including the all-famous Desert Quandong and Saltbush plants, take gourmet chefs by surprise in Australia. The plan is for another 1000 Wattle trees to be planted as part of the conservation program through Landcare Australia. The remarkable observation that Doug and Tracey have seen through the years is the ecosystem regenerating. Insects and birds have come back to settle and make Native Oz Bushfoods home. Rare birds that were scarce have now come back in droves to feast on the platter provided by Doug and Tracey. Native Oz Bushfoods is fully self-funded, an incredible triumph so far on Doug and Tracey’s journey to provide healthy, native bushtucker food for all Australians. Native foods made by native Australians. You can visit Native Oz Bushfoods for a field day and education about the discoveries they have seen through their crop development. You will see firsthand what inspired Doug and Tracey and also get to eat some delicious bushtucker food and find out the nutritious value of introducing native foods into your diet. For more information, you can send them a direct message through our platform. ‍

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Burdekin Plums
Saltbush Lilly Pillies
Acacia Retinides
Native Tamarind
Native Ginger (Redback)
River Mint
Cinnamon Myrtle
Lemon Myrtle
Aniseed Myrtle
Davidson Plums
Ruby Salt Bush
Kakadoo Plums
Sea Purslane
Fraser Island Apples
Lemon Aspen
Gumby Gumby
Native Gardenia
Blue Tongue
Bush Plum
Santalum Acuminatum
Centred Emu Bush
Bush Tomato
Wombat Berry
Native Turmeric
Native Passion Fruit
Native Raspberry
Bunya Nuts
Brisbane Wattle
Blue Flax Lily
Native Potato
Desert Cwaondon
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