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Pinnaroo, South Australia

Pinnaroo Farms is located in South Australia, close to the Victorian border 6.3 clicks away from the town of Pinnaroo. ‍Pip and Skeet, run and operate Pinnaroo farms with their two young kids, who both love putting their hands in the dirt. ‍The family grows, wheat, barley and lentils in a sustainable way that is high in fibre and nutrient-dense. Pinnaroo farms specialise in producing 100% sprouted Australian flour from grains and lentils on their farm.  ‍Pip and Skeet have taken over Pip’s dad’s farm years ago. Pip’s dad was a pioneer in introducing no-till farming in the region after a severe dust storm blew away their topsoil. This started their journey in challenging traditional farming practices and becoming more sustainable, which Pip and Skeet have continued on today. ‍The community is very unique and made up of many strong, progressive farmers who come together, help each other out and share farming information.  ‍They have observed their farm over the years and have become more aware of their land and how the weather can affect it in certain seasons. They have invested in different technologies to help understand weather and humidity patterns and also introduced virtual fence boundaries with a GPS tracking system. This helps navigate which crops will go where in each season. ‍What sets their landscape apart is that they farm on a 200m deep large sub-artesian basin which makes the soil rich in its offerings. They use rainwater tanks for their domestic home and have introduced kelp as a natural fertiliser for their grain crops. Pip says: “It’s interesting - we know we are progressing when we find worms in the soil and mushrooms standing tall in the early morning across the paddocks, it’s really good to see.” ‍You will find Pinnaroo Farms' sprouted wheat and lentil flour are gentle on your belly, especially for people who are wanting to make the switch to a more plant-based diet. If you want to start introducing more plant-based foods into your diet then this might be an easy way to do it whilst improving your gut health. You can find and purchase their products on their website, distributed across Australia. ‍

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