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St George, Queensland

In 1944 the Smith family moved to Tralee, located in southwest Queensland.Tralee specialises in non-mulesed Merino Sheep and they have been using the same bloodline for the past 25 years, resulting in Tralee producing some of Australia’s finest quality wool suitable for high-end fashion brands in Europe.Adrian and Ellen have been running the farm full time since 1976 and with the help of their sons Brett and Mitch they have spent a lifetime learning, developing, and making their farm sustainable so it can be passed on to the next generation. Surrounding the 10,300-acre property has around forty-six percent, its natural state of lushes native trees and shrubs covering, which in fact has never been altered by machinery.Over the years they have changed the way they graze to make sure their paddocks get rest and time to recover before being grazed again, they have improved (and accelerated) their shearing cycles to make sure the sheep are well looked after and now have donkeys that look over their flocks to stop the wild dogs and foxes from targeting their lambs.With the varying climate, rainfall, and drought cycle; Tralee prioritises the importance of managing their soil health, maintaining ground cover, and their natural landscape. From a family that has been farming for 80+ years, Brett said “It’s not what you do in the drought that determines your fate, it’s what you do after the drought.”Brett said “I’ve never considered myself doing anything else” and he loves the challenge of integrating all these biological systems with the seasons, the land, and the animal management.If you are interested in buying wool at its finest then reach out to Brett and his family directly on the AgWe messaging service. ‍

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